Tech Review: The ZTE Axon M Dual Screen Foldable Phone @ZTEPress @ATT


In the ever changing Smartphone industry companies are looking for the next best feature to outdo the Apple and the Samsung’s of the tech world. Launched late last year The ZTE Axon M is a first of what ZTE promises to be a series of foldable phones to hit the market throughout 2018. The Dual Screen is the feature the phone is banking on.


The dual screen is the feature that sets this phone apart from the rest. That’s right an identical 5.2 inch 1080p display opens up with three modes available. ZTE offers to take advantage of the second screen. “Dual mode” is the most practical and will probably be the most widely used mode allowing to run apps side by side. Being able to send a text or watch a video while navigating google maps without leaving the screen is a convenient tool. The audio is only heard from the screen that is being actively used at the moment.

“Extended mode” lets you run a single app on both screens extending the phone to a tablet size. This feature makes watching videos and gaming more of a life-size TV like experience. “Mirror mode” mirrors the same content on both screens so when placed in a tent like position 2 people can watch the same thing or play the same game.

The pros of this phone include the dual screens, sturdy design, a very good battery 3.180mAh battery that remained charged all day even with heavy use, a 20 mega pixel camera that produced clear pics and a user friendly onscreen format.

The cons include a thick heavy design, 1 camera compared to multiple cameras in top tier phones, and an older Snapdragon 821 processor with 4GB of RAM.

The ZTE is available exclusively in the US for $725 through ATT right now. This is only the beginning for foldable phones from ZTE with future phones planned that are not dual screened but with new and exciting features. We will follow their progress and report on new launches.

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