Tech: HTC 10 Has Moved into the top of the line Smartphone Category


HTC has finally moved into the same category as The Samsung G7, Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 and the LG5 with the arrival of the HTC 10 Flagship Smartphone. Struggling for years to come out with models that can compete with the other top of the line smartphones, the HTC 10 offers features that rise above the competition with extended battery life, a great camera, and user friendly features.

The all aluminum design and composition that is curved for easier handling and maneuverability feels thinner than it actually is and the glass front along with a fingerprint scanner on the home button, comparable with the S7 Edge, makes the HTC 10 look sleek and stylish. Equipped with a selfie camera , 5.2 inch HD LCD Screen, a 12 mega pixel, ultra pixel camera, and 32GB of memory along with room for a 200gb microSD card this smartphone has qualities that rival the leaders.



The HTC 10 uses Qualcomm’s newest processor, The Snapdragon 820, which makes gaming, multi faceted app use, and video streaming simple to use. The battery on the HTC is expected to last 2 days with standard use and includes a 3.0 enabled Rapid charger that will charge the device up to  50 percent in 30 minutes. 

The HTC 10 will come factory unlocked and available for Tmobile and AT&T and will be priced at $699




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