Part 1: Aion Aesthetics Natural Growth Factor Hair Restoration.

Aion Aesthetics is located in a townhouse on the Upper East Side. They offer a host of treatments ranging from injections, fillers, microneedling, kybella, natural hair restoration and much more.

Hair restoration for men is a much needed and yet still taboo subject. It is gaining popularity as self-care and anti-aging treatments have blown up in the last few years, with more men opting for treatments that are natural and don’t require alot of downtime.

In this story, we will capture the process of starting a natural hair restoration treatment program for a young, healthy, and athletic 28 year old, who is just starting to feel the effects of a thinning hairline and wants hair to be full and thick.

On his first visit, Justin goes went through a thorough consultation to see which treatment would be most effective and PRF Fibrin Hair Restoration Injections were chosen as the optimal treatment. Using ones own blood that is drawn and spun in a high- tech centrifuge machine, heavier cells in the blood, the stem cells and white blood cells to collect in the bottom part of the test tube, while the platelets and plasma collect in the upper part.

The platelets and plasma are collected and injected into the areas of thinning hair. The procedure involves lots of injections with a very thin needle into the scalp where the follicles are sparse. Little discomfort was felt on the first visit and we are looking to see the results that take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to become visible. Justin did inform us that he saw visible effects after 2 weeks.

Look out for chapter 2 coming in there next couple of weeks after his 2nd visit.

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