Health Labs COVID-19 Antibody Testing is Now Available Nationwide: Is this the key to re-opening?

By Maya Litovsky

As The United States and the rest of the world is dealing with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, several key factors go into how to to re-open safely and effectively. The media/ publishing world whose employees livelihoods are based on covering entertainment events, brand launches, restaurant openings, and cultural happenings along with travel, were immensely affected when these events came to a halt.

COVID- 19 antibody testing is definitely not full proof or the concrete answer as there are still many questions as to whether there is immunity, how long immunity lasts, and whether one can still be a carrier.

That being said, testing provided by Health Labs has 100% sensitivity accuracy and 99.6% specificity testing making it the most accurate antibody test currently available. Knowing if you have been previously exposed may hold the key as to who is more ready to return to work, as having these antibodies is said to have some level of protection and may even offer the ability to donate life saving plasma.

Health Labs tests results are usually available in 24 hours, making it one of the quickest turn arounds and tests are performed in over 4500 private lab locations throughout the US. The cost is $169, and even though pre-payment is required, paperwork is provided so that customers can provide it to their insurance companies for reimbursement.

The testing facilities are spotless, the health care workers are professional, and in these scary crazy times where many people are afraid to enter doctors offices, health labs offers a safe and worry free way to get tested.


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