VSPOT New York’s Premiere “ReVAJENation”MediSpa Spa opens it’s Madison Ave Doors @vspot_medispa


Cindy Barshop of Completely Bare fame has been an innovator and pioneer in women’s sexual health and aesthetics. Her latest venture is the VSPOT Medispa that focuses primarily on lifting the taboo on women’s sexual ‘s health with treatments that correct problems millions of women have, but may be too embarrassed to discuss. Problems that interfere with our quality of life and sexual satisfaction.

Located on Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side, surrounded by some of the top retailers in the city, Cindy’s team of trained and certified female gynecologists perform “The Femilift” and administer “The O Shot”. The Femilift tightens the vagina and The O shot increases blood flow to the area for a more enjoyable sexual experience.

Other services at the spa are The V-Steam. This ancient Chinese treatment is a relaxing, detoxifying spa treatment for your nether regions and can increase your libido. The client applies the V-Magic Feminine Lips Stick to massage on the Vulva prior to the steam to enhance its, ahem Magic. Throughout the treatment the client lies on a spa/gyno bed as soft steam infused with therapeutic herbs are targeted to the area. As the client gets V-steamed the therapist administers a head massage and massages the abdomen with remedial oil. The treatment concludes with a LED BLUE light that is placed over the area. According to Dr. Carolyn Delucia, the blue light has been studied to have antibacterial effects on Pseudomonas Aeruginosa & Staphylococcus Aurius which are found on the vulva and may cause odor.

Of course no Cindy Barshop Spa venture would be complete without a waxing service offered. The VSPOT 24K Wax, made for sensitive skin, infused with 24K gold- to serve as an anti-inflammatory agent and to help brighten the skin. The wax is virtually painless with no ingrown hairs. A special LED Vajacial  completes the treatment.

Follow up home care includes daily use of The VMagic Feminine Lips Stick for smooth skin and moisture. $17.99 Buy Here: vmagicnow.com

VSPOT MediSpa 741 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10065 (800) 408- 8776 email: cindy@vspotmedispa.com  www.vspotmedispa.com



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