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Hibba Kapil of Hibba Beauty and her team of experienced Browologists and waxing technicians have been busy shaping women’s eyebrows and providing organic whole body hair removal services in New York City since 2010. Now with 3 locations, with the latest being a cozy cheerful salon in the heart of Columbus Circle.

For eyebrows or any hair removal on the face, Hibba does not believing in waxing. The areas are too sensitive and waxing can be harsh and not as precise as the threading method. The focus is on the arch and recreating the arch is Hibba’s main focus. When done correctly eyebrows are the centerpoint of the face and accentuate features and bone structure.

Initially I was little bit nervous about threading because I always plucked and waxed my eyebrows. However, with a few mishaps in the last year and the last few months I have been letting them grow out and even out, I was ready to try it out. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick it was and less painful than waxing. She was able to grab hard to reach hairs that waxing could not. I highly recommend it!

Brow Reformation or Microblading is a huge trend right now and is a specialty of Hibba’s. Although I did not have it done yet many colleagues have praised her work. It’s basically taking thin sparse brows and reforming them into fuller brows with a semi-permanent tattoo. The process takes about 2 hours including an extensive consultation and costs between $400-650 dollars. Considering how thick eyebrows are all the rage now, this is a valuable investment, plus you save on not having to purchase all those eyebrow pencils!

For the body Hibba uses Azulene wax which is infused with chamomile and honey, which have soothing properties, to relieve the pain and her well trained staff provide a quick and surprisingly pretty painless experience.

Sugaring is also offered for hair removal on the body. This very gentle natural method uses a paste made from sugar, lemon, and water. This method has been around for thousands of years and Hibba’s salon is one of the few in the city to offer a truly authentic shugaring experience.

There are many packages available when purchasing multiple sessions. I highly recommend  a visit! Hibba Beauty

Disclaimer: While I received complimentary services at the salon all opinions are my own.


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