A Culinary Treat With Nestle Damak @NestleDamak @Tasting Table

 Last week we were treated to a unique foodie experience with Nestle Damak. Who knew pistachios can be used in such a variety of dishes and cocktails? Nestle Damak has been a premium chocolate brand hailing from Turkey since 1933. Damak incorporates pistachios into their chocolate bars available in Fine and Dark Chocolate. Pistachios were used in our dinner preparation of Roast Leg of Lamb, Bean Salad, Flatbreads and a variety of dips as well along with the cocktails. 

The pistachios are sourced from from the Gaziantep region of Turkey which boasts an ideal climate for growing these nuts. These pistachios are considered to be some of the best in the world. Damak is also committed to improving the lives of the farmers who grow the pistachios and making a positive impact on their communities. Nestle Damak has committed over $1 million dollars to fund training in agricultural methods and improve the welfare of the Gaziantep growing region of Turkey.#Sponsored




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