The Fuel Stop NYC Opens First Fast-Track Regeneration Center @TheFuelStopNYC


The Fuel Stop NYC recently opened its doors on Central Park South in New York City. The concept behind this fast-track rejuvenation center was derived by Owner/ Founder Mila Joura, whose expertise in nutrition and the study of preventive anti-aging methods for mind and body provides a unique circuit of procedures that are designed for consumers on go that are effective, not time consuming and won’t brake the bank.

Mila’s experience as a nutritionist and a busy mother of 2 led to her quest for natural, non-invasive treatments that are scientifically based and can be done in a short period of time. The procedures can be done individually or as part of a circuit.

Endurance, Energy, and Body Contour are the three integrated cornerstones behind The Fuel Stop.

The Endurance Center is built around a high- tech whole body cry-chamber machine, first of it’s kind from a German manufacturer. The theory is that short exposures (2-3) min to extreme cold (-200 degrees Fahrenheit) is safe and effective in building endurance, stamina, and building up the immune system.

The 10 minute nitrogen facial using cryo technology immediately tightens the skin and gives skin a refreshed glow.


 The Fuel Stop Energy Lounge is a place where “fuelstoppers” can pause and refuel with  proprietary brain enhancement cocktails and energy bars.


The Fuel Stop Contour Center provides treatments for the face and body that are intense, yet non-invasive to remove fat and cellulite. Results are cumulative for weight loss and a part of a healthy nutrition/workout plan. Using traditional Columbian methods of deep manual massage to move fat deposits around in dedicated body parts, where weight loss is difficult to achieve through diet and exercise.


Initially I was a little bit scared of being exposed to such cold temperatures, but hearing about the health and beauty benefits I decided to give it a try. With the assistance of Mila’s friendly and knowledgable team, and beats by Rihanna, Oh yeah, dancing, in protective gear, is highly encouraged to pass the time in the chamber. Surprisingly the 2 minutes went by rather quickly and for folks who are claustrophobic this machine has a door that can be pushed to open in the case that the cold is too much to bear. I think I will try 3 minutes next time! I felt much more energized after the session.

Packages are available to customize the fast-track treatments.

The Fuel Stop 

200 Central Park South NYC, 10019

(212) 235-1066


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