Artis Introduces New Fluenta Brush Collection @ArtisBrush

Former MAC Cosmetics Executive Mathew Waitesmith recently launched a luxurious and super high tech brush collection. The shape of these brushes allows application to feel like using your fingers to give you superior control and flexibility. The elongated necks, aside from being artlike in appearance actually provide fluidity in applying the product.

Artis Fluenta brushes are composed of CosmeFibre with 250,000 individual fibres and they outperform standard brushes by being UV resistant, durable, and are resistant to chemicals found in makeup products. The best part is they are totally cruelty free!

The collection consists of 9 brushes ranging in price from $36 to $72, or $190 for the 5 piece set or $400 for the 9 piece collection.

The brushes are available at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

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