J.F. Lazartigue Launch of Les Soins D’Exception Haute Couture for your Hair @jflazartigueUSA #NYC

Last week a group of beauty editors got a chance to partake in a master class taught by the always lovely and extremely knowledgeable Mary Pergoda. Mary has been the national training and promotions director for JF Lazartigue for the last 18 years and I guess you can say she’s his sidekick and muse when it comes to product development and sales.

J.F. Lazartigue has always been a small luxury hair product company that is quite comprehensive, but will the launch of Les Soins D’Exception the bar has been set even higher.

“I have created a new exceptional hair care line made of the most precious ingredients: ‘Les Soins d’Exception’ Home Spa Duo is the ultimate luxury in hair care to repair and restore seriously damaged or over processed hair”

Jean – François Lazartigue

The line is divided by hair texture with the Les Soins d’Exception shampoo ($49) and conditioner ($60) containing Tea Oil designed for Fine and Delicate Hair. Tea oil is know to restore and thicken fine or delicate hair without weighing it down.

Les Soins d’Exception with Bancoulier Oil, derived from the Bancoulier Nut found in trees in the tropical regions of Polynesia, is designed to repair and protect thick, coarse, or devitalized hair. Bancoulier Shampoo ($49) and Conditioner ($60) will hydrate even the most dry and unruly hair out there.

The Home Essential Duo with either Tea Oil or Bancoulier Oil is the ultimate in luxury for an at home once a week hair treatment. $250

J.F. Lazartigue Products are available in fine salons and spas, Apothecaries, and Beauty Boutiques. For more info visit www.jflazartigue.com

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