Primp & Polish Salon Williamsburg, Brooklyn @Primp_andPolish

There is no shortage of salons right here in Manhattan so one would wonder why a trek, well a 7 minute train ride on the L train from Union Square to Bedford Avenue would be a necessity. Well, If you are person who is passionate about their nails and are into nail art then this the place for you. With four locations right now in Brooklyn, I visited the Williamsburg salon, the salon employs some of the most creative, talented, and friendly nail technicians I have ever come across.

With a specialty in gel nails, there are several brands of polish to choose from and thousands of designs available. The salon encourages customers to visit Instagram to choose a design or create one of their own. Customers can choose a regular manicure as well.

The salon also has a semi-outdoor garden in the back that is used for pedicures and it gives customers a serene peaceful feeling. Pedicures are offered with gel or regular polish.

Primp & Polish has been making a name for themselves this year with their presence at media events like beautypress and at a recent fashion week style lounge at The Empire Hotel across from the Fashion Shows on Lincoln Center.

For more info on the salons please visit: or call (718) 384-3555

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