HTC – Double Exposure Launch – NYC – October 8, 2014

     Taiwan-based HTC yesterday unveiled its newest smartphone with high-resolution cameras on both sides to appeal to people who take “selfie” pictures.

The HTC Desire Eye, unveiled at a New York event, includes 13-megapixel cameras on both the front and back.

“Desire Eye is fully equipped for those who love to take great photos, videos and selfies,” an HTC statement said.

The new phone will be sold in the United States through AT&T.

HTC also launched an uniquely shaped camera called Re, which departs from the box shape, designed instead with a round periscope-like appearance, which can fit in one’s hand and can be used with only one hand. A Re app is available on Google play store and Apple ITunes as well.

HTC said the camera’s design featured a sensor which automatically activated the device whenever it was picked up, eliminating the need for a power button.

HTC said it plans to introduce live streaming with the camera through Google-owned YouTube in the near future.

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