Beautypress – Spotlight Day – September 24, 2014 @beautypress #beautypress #Spotlightday

   Last week Beautypress held it’s Spotlight day at the midtown loft. This meeting between editors, beauty brands, retailers and TV producers maximizes exposure for emerging brands and introduces new product launches for the established ones all under one roof while enjoying cocktails and snacks as well.

     Our top 5 brands from this event were:

     Cleanse by Lauren Napier. This makeup artist by trade launched this sleek packaged set of makeup remover wipes that are contained in individual pouches and open up as plush cotton great smelling cleansing cloths that actually work to remove makeup and other impurities from the skins surface.

     Kiss Products are one of the largest distributors of nail products in the world. They have hundreds of color combos to choose from and are easy to use and apply and are inexpensive enough that you can change your nail colors often or even for a fun night out.

     AcnEase is an all natural botanical acne treatment that treats acne from the inside out. The dosages are determined by the severity of the condition and since there are no harsh chemicals there are no side effects. It is good for all ages and every skin type and the brand has a 96 percent success rate.

     True Natural and Lavera are sister companies with Lavera being the German counterpart that has been a pioneer in natural beauty since 1987. The 2 lines contain over 300 products and are truly comprehensive. The self tanners for face and body were some of my favorite products because they gave a very natural glow, not orangey, and the smell was very mild almost nonexistent.

     Happy Hands is the original U Nail Glove. Considering the popularity of gel manicures and the obvious effects of UV rays on hands from prolonged use I would say this product is a necessity to prevent skin damage and premature aging as hands are very sensitive to UV rays.


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