Samsung Galaxy – Premiere 2014 – Tab S Launch – NYC

   Samsung recently introduced their newest tablets for 2014. The Galaxy Tab S tablets borrow design features from Samsung’s Galaxy S5 smartphone. The tablets come in two sizes. The first comes with an 8.4 screen, measured diagonally and the second a 10.5 inch screen. They both have high-resolution Super Amoled displays. In addition thanks to Samsung’s advanced outdoor visibility technology you can view the tablet clearly in bright sunlight..

The Tablet S comes with a ton of content as well. “PaperGarden, is Samsung’s magazine service so you are able to choose and read a huge variety of titles in real life colors. The Tablet S also comes with Galaxy gifts, Netflix, and Google play. Samsung also partnered with Marvel Comics, and through the app, Samsung tab S users will have access to over 15, 000 Marvel comics.
The Galaxy Tab S is very user friendly and has several features that make it easy to multi-task and connect. SideSync 3.0 allows customers the ability to call forward from their smartphone and make calls on the Galaxy while browsing the internet. Quick connect allows you to find nearby devices and connect so you can share content easily. My favorite feature is the multi-user mode that with a built in fingerprint scanner identifies and protects each user with their own unique password. These tablets will be available in mid July starting at $399 and up. @SamsungMobileUS

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