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l Last Saturday night we ventured to Inwood specifically Dyckman Street, where a very lively dining and nightlife scenario takes place to taste the cuisine offered at Mamasushi, an Asian and Latin fusion restaurant where executive chef David Nunez brings his vast experience to develop dishes from both parts of the world that blend in a delicious way that you believe they actually were meant to be. To start our meal our very accommodating and knowledgeable waiter suggested we try the Pu Pu Platter for two, which is an appetizer platter created by the chef and is never the same twice. The waiter asks if anyone in the party is allergic and then leaves it to the chef to create the dish. We got to taste shumai, beef and chicken satay, fried oysters and large crabcakes.

We then got a traditional plate of fresh sushi to try that included salmon, tuna, shrimp, and eel. We also tried one of the specialty roles called the El Boulevard roll, which was spicy crab, salmon, shrimp, avocado and eel topped with spicy mayo. For the more adventurous diner there are several rolls that blend sushi with plantains, pico de gallo and other Latin staples.

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For the main course the waiter suggested the Wagu beef that was expertly prepared and the Cod. Each dish blends Asian and Latin ingredients to create flavorfull and healthy entrees.

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For dessert the chef prepared a specialty dish, that if we guessed the main ingredient, we would get another free dinner. We did not! It turned out to be a plum tomato that was infused with light and sweet flavors, making it impossible to believe you were eating a fruit or vegetable, depending on your belief of what a tomato is!

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Mamasushi is as much a lounge as a restaurant with a very lively, trendy, and fashionable bar scene with a great cocktail menu and a section of the restaurant where the hosts bring you hookah’s right to your table.

With mother’s day around the corner it is a perfect place to bring the family for a fun afternoon or evening.

Mamasushi 237 Dyckman St. New York, NY 10040 212-567-2450

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