Burger & Lobster NYC Now Open @LobsterNYC

Burger & Lobster, A London based casual seafood restaurant with a fantastic $20 entrée price point for any one of the three, yes just three items available, is finally open in the Flatiron area of Manhattan. The restaurant is spacious with a nice bar scene and a staff that is very friendly and look happy to be there.

The choices are simple but delicious, a 1.5 lb lobster served either steamed or grilled, with lemon butter or garlic butter. I had the grilled and it was juicy and plentiful. I chose the garlic butter and fyi, I recommend dipping the side of fries in it as well. To add a turf to the surf into your dinner the burgers are about 10oz. and come with fries and a side salad as well. We ordered a couple of lobster rolls for the table and they quickly become favorites of the night. The buns are toasted with garlic butter and they give you a full serving of lobster in one serving. If you happen to be in the mood for a bigger lobster the lobster tank is filled with huge lobsters, some as large as 12lbs. Priced at $20 dollars a pound they can be shared for a lobster feast!

We ended our meal with some creamy cheesecake and chocolate mouse. The dessert menu is the only part of the menu that changes occasionally. While eating our lobster we were served a variety of cocktails and some very fresh crisp beers on tap. If you bring the kids the bartenders know how to make some terrific non – alcoholic versions of their cocktail menu as well.

I am glad Lobster & Burger finally made it to our shores. A quality seafood restaurant at a good price is hard to find and we are sure to make it our go to for our future lobster cravings.

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