Epazote: A Brand New Mexican Eatery On The Upper East Side – NYC

     I love a good Mexican Restaurant but in my experience, I have not been to one recently in my neighborhood of Yorkville that gave Mexican food justice. However, that changed recently when Epazote opened.
     The restaurant is authentic Mexican with “Day of the Dead” photos on the wall, but has a French touch in some of the menu options due to the fact the owner Jacque, has owned and operated Jacques Brasserie on the upper east side for years.
A Mexican restaurant is synonymous with good cocktails. There were various kind of Margaritas and a specialty cocktail made with Mezcal called the Epazote cocktail.
The first course was the freshly made Guacamole made to your taste called the guacamole azteca ($13), made in front of you in a mortar and pestle.

     The “Los Taquitos” , mine was the De Ternera Bohemia ($14) made with veal cheek and braised in beer, Poblado peppers, cilantro and sweet onions was delicious and a must have.

    Our main course was the “Polo Con Mole” ($24) which was very flavorful and the mole sauce was fantastic. It consisted of roasted chicken skin and all, bathed in homemade mole sauce served with a side of spinach souffle, a touch of France.

     Epazote has a good dessert menu that offers way more than traditional flan which is usually the case in a Mexican restaurant. We were offered a Gala Apple Crumb Tart ($9) with jalapeño chocolate ice cream and Homemade churos ($7) served with Mexican abuelita chocolate sauce.

For more info and the complete menu please visit

1606 First Avenue
New York, NY 10028
(212) 968-1704

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