Myotone – Facial Toning System – Now Available For Consumers To Use At Home – $279

Last week a few lucky editors got to sample a new facial toning system that up to now was only available in medical spas and doctors offices. Now Myotone is coming out with an at home toning system that will retail for $279 and will provide consumers with the ability to do at home anti aging treatments at a fraction of the cost of going to the spa.  This non- invasive procedure uses microcurrent to tighten the skin and smooth wrinkles without the need for needles or downtime. I had the 10 minute procedure done and felt great right after, thus given the name the “lunchtime Lift”. Myo essentials released products to be used on the skin along with the treatment are the Ginseng Mineral toner, the peptide serum, the refreshing anti puff eye gel as well as products used daily like the exfoliating  cleanser, spf 30, the marine moisturizer and the eye and throat bio mist. The conductive gel helps induce the current into the skin to  help achieve the best available results at home.

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