Gifts Of Beauty – 2020

Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Parfum. His latest fragrance has rhubarb, daffodil top notes and calming middle notes of almond milk. $128 Shop Here:

Rahua Hydration Daily Care Set. Scented with tropical aromas of fruit and mango. Super hydration leaving hair clean and moisturized. $70 Shop Here:


MicrodermMD by Trophy Skin Home Microdermabrasion System. Buffs away fine lines and wrinkles, reduces signs of sun damage, improves skin texture, exfoliates dead skin cells, brightens and revitalizes skin. Shop Here: $239.20 Shop Here:


Puremedy Intensive Skin Repair Night Balm. A temporary remedy for red spots, rash, and burning with various skin irritations. 2oz $54.95 Shop Here:

Brand New from Nestle Celltrient collection of products focus on rebuilding our cells as we age. Celltrient Cellular Strength capsules contain Urolithin (UA) which is clinically shown to support mitochondrial health in muscles. $99 Shop Here:

Soapbox Coconut Oil Moisture & Nourish Shampoo Bar. Coconut oil, rich in vitamins E, K, and fatty acids, helps to protect hair by binding to hair proteins. $15 Shop Here:

The NIRA Skincare Laser is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles for visible results at home. In 2020 this is a must have when dermatologist visits are hard to come by or not completely safe. NIRA stimulates natural collagen production to naturally renew skin and smooth wrinkles. $399 Shop Here:

Dr.’s Remedy’s SIMPLY Sincere Holiday Home Collection: Colors for the holiday season include Rustic Red, Evergreen, Snow, and Two-In-One, custom face masks. $49 Shop Here:

Colorstreet Just Be-Claus set includes 16 double-ended nail polish strips. Long lasting manicures at home. So many cute choices for holiday. $13 Shop Here:

Anne Krystel 8 Extrait de parfum 100ml. Raw materials imported from Provence, maceration and bottling prepared in Montreal. Pure high quality ingredients with luxurious essences. $165 Shop Here:

City Beauty Brow Boost Redensifying Serum, helps fill in the look of thinning brows for a more youthful look. No parabens, sulfates, mineral oil or phthalates. Natural extracts with peptides promote thicker brows. $98 Shop Here:

Ready Set Jet beauty batons simplify your beauty routine. With 3 batons that are multipurpose you get 6 products that each have 2 to 4 uses. 3 batons essentially replace at least 12 products in your beauty bag. Set includes Hydrate and Glow Baton, Sculpt and Shine Baton and Cleanse and Prime Baton. $85 Shop Here:

Sassy by Savannah lip kits are affordable, made with high quality deeply pigmented ingredients. Set includes a satin lightweight lip color, shimmer lip gloss, and a longer lip liner in Savanna’s signature nude shade. $12 Shop Here:

Butter + lye Discovery Bundle soap trio. Includes the favorites Charcoal, Shampoo, and Pink Clay. Packed with natural ingredients including vitamins and compounds. $22 Shop Here:

Jones Road Beauty is the brand new collection from iconic makeup artist Bobbi Brown. The “Nancy Kit” includes 5 essentials of the collection that will take you from day to night. Set includes Just A Sec Eyeshadow in Bronze and Topaz, Sparkle Wash in Midas, The Best Pencil in Bronze and Cool Gloss in Mocha Shimmer. $88 Shop Here:

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